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2023 August 3rd - 2 min read

Named Constructors in TypeScript: Constructing Classes/Objects dart style

Creating a reusable generic base class that allows for object construction in TypeScript, much like you might see with named parameters in Dart

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2022 October 28th - 5 min read

Deferred Deep Linking from App Store using Universal Links for iOS with Flutter

In Doubble we recently had to create a customized landing page to have more fine-graned control over our invite links. We have until this point been using Firebase Dynamic Links which was great and easy to setup, but had a few issues.

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2022 October 27th - 1 min read

How to install custom fonts on a nodejs image using fontconfig

I recently had to generate a custom image from a Node.js backend, and I chose to use Sharp to take an SVG and convert it into a PNG, since we were already using Sharp and it seemed like the most feasible thing to do. However, I found it a bit less…

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2021 August 29th - 1 min read

How to use Socialite with Lumen

So I am playing around with a hobby project in Lumen, and I had a few issues setting up Socialite with Lumen . Anyhow, as it often is with development, after a bit of persistence, I found a solution. All I really needed was to fetch user details…

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2020 June 2nd - 2 min read

Delay loading of Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager script for better PageSpeed score and initial load

So I was recently doing some performance optimizations on a website, ensuring it loads as fast as possible, and that Search Engines like Google prioritize it over the competition. I came across the "Add Expires headers" recommendation and was sad to…

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2020 February 21st - 1 min read

Nested layouts in Nuxt/Vue.js

If you're like me, and like to keep things tidy and prefer not to repeat yourself, you will most likely find yourself needing to nest layouts when developing a Nuxt application. This is luckily a fairly easy thing to do, expect you need to do a bit…

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2019 November 14th - 1 min read

Clear expired/invalid data from wp2_icl_translations

I managed to clear out 18.000 unused / invalid rows from the ` wp2_icl_translations ` table, after realizing a lot of old/expired translations was present in the table. This can happen if you're doing huge import/exports to your site, or delete…

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2019 November 12th - 1 min read

Cloudways Breeze cache plugin with WPML Multi Currency switcher

If you are using Cloudways and/or their caching plugin Breeze you might have issues if you're running a WooCommerce shop with WPML Multi Currency Switcher - at least I did, after migrating to Cloudways and switching away from W3 Total Cache. The…

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2019 November 5th - 1 min read

How to remove admin bar css (margin-top) in WordPress 5

The WordPress admin bar is outputting below HTML code to add margin-top to the html and body element of the page. However, if you like to have full control over what's happening and perhaps fixing this in your own stylesheet and thereby avoding…

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2018 October 26th - 1 min read

How can I make my wired headphones/earplugs wireless? I stumbled upon a magic trick.

If you're the guy like me who prefers everything to be cable less, or if you just have a nice pair of speakers that does not support bluetooth, there's actually a cool trick you can do. For a few dollars you can buy a device called Trond. Trond is a…

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2018 September 11th - 1 min read

How do I make a screen-recording?

Anyone can record the screen easily. If you prefer not to download any additional software to record your screen, chances are you already have a program that can do it for you. Luckily, if you're on Mac, you can simply open QuickTime Player. On…

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2018 February 7th - 1 min read

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is for criminals

Many people I meet say: "bitcoin is for criminals" -- maybe because they've heard that it has been used to buy drugs on deep-web services such as Silkroad. Just like criminals use Danish Kroner or U.S. Dollars to trade illegal things with. Heres…

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2017 November 29th - 1 min read

Serious macOS High Sierra security vulnerability - root user with no password

A serious vulnerability has been found in macOS High Sierra - something I have no clue how could have ever happened. The main problem with this issue is, that it really doesn't require any computer knowledge at all to take advantage of . Your…

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