How can I make my wired headphones/earplugs wireless? I stumbled upon a magic trick.

If you're the guy like me who prefers everything to be cable less, or if you just have a nice pair of speakers that does not support bluetooth, there's actually a cool trick you can do.

For a few dollars you can buy a device called Trond. Trond is a small battery powered bluetooth device thats able to send and receive audio via Bluetooth.

So for instance, my old jack-wired headset now works on my iPhone X that doesn't even have an jack input. Instead I have cabled my Tron to my headset, and then configured Tron to send the audio to my iPhone X.

Let's say you have a nice old speaker system at home that currently only has a jack cable, you could also simply connect your Tron to your speaker system and have it Bluetooth ready in no time.

Only disadvantage I have found so far is that the sound quality is not that good. In a small test I made, the reach is a little better than the built into Bluetooth device in Bose SoundLink III, but sound quality is really not that good. I am however in contact with Trond customer service who will either refund me or give me a device that doesn't have sound quality issues.

What other cool ideas could you come up with using Trond or a similar Bluetooth sender/receiver? Let me know in the comments section.