Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is for criminals

Many people I meet say: “bitcoin is for criminals” — maybe because they’ve heard that it has been used to buy drugs on deep-web services such as Silkroad. Just like criminals use Danish Kroner or U.S. Dollars to trade illegal things with.

Heres’ some wise reasons why I believe the title of this post couldn’t be further away from the truth.

  • Of all the currencies that criminals have preferences for the U.S. Dollar is king.
  • It is way more difficult to do money-laundering with Bitcoin compared to e.g. U.S. Dollar
  • Bitcoin is a tool to safe humanity from tyrans and oligarchy (the real criminals), today just covered up as a “get rich scheme”
  • Mafia clans in random countries such as Russia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and so on uses U.S. Dollars
  • Bitcoin, per the specifications today, is probably the only monetary system that is most anti-criminal, given how open it is.
  • “Yeah but cryptocurrencies are anonymous and that enables criminal behaviour”, she said, handing a €50 bill over the counter at Starbucks that only hours before was used to buy meth cut with knock-off ritalin from a dirty cop outside an underage nightclub”

Data, data, data…

Given we have data on everything when using Bitcoin, in the case that we need to investigate a serious crime, we have very good data analysts and tools, to solve the issue, of even the most complex money laundering going on.

A crime done with cash would be untraceable. One in bitcoin would not.

For further reading, have a look at Why Criminals Can’t Hide Behind Bitcoin

Serious macOS High Sierra security vulnerability – root user with no password

A serious vulnerability has been found in macOS High Sierra – something I have no clue how could have ever happened. The main problem with this issue is, that it really doesn’t require any computer knowledge at all to take advantage of.  Your grandparents can do it, given they are able to move the mouse and use the keyboard (most non-techie users I know these days have finally learned this).

For some odd reason, the user “root”  has no password!!!

This means: anyone with access to your computer can login as administrator using no password. The username is root and the password is blank. Blank is in total blank. Not “blank”. Yes. That’s right. BLANK.

What can a root user do?

  • Access your other user accounts
  • Disable Local Disk Encryption (FileVault)
  • Disable firewalls
  • Basically, he is GOD on your computer, and can do whatever he wants.

What you need to do

Apple is working on a fix, but there’s no time to wait. Please go ahead and change the root password to a strong password. See Apples Guide how to.

Some people advise to disable the root account, but this is misunderstood. If you disable the root account, you can reenable it again using a failed login attempt. Whatever you enter as password in the failed attempt, will now be the new password for the root user.

If you’re familiar with the terminal, you can simply run this command:

cat /dev/urandom | env LC_CTYPE=C tr -dc a-zA-Z0-9 | head -c 60 | xargs -I rootpw sudo dscl . -passwd /Users/root rootpw

This is serious.

It is even possible to remotely access your MacBook if you  have this feature enabled, so go do something about it.